Which football team has the ‘greenest’ stadium?

green stadiums infographic

The 2018 World Cup is just around the corner and excited fans from all around the world are flocking to Russia to support their teams.

One thing you may not instantly associate with the beautiful game is energy efficiency. But when you think about it, hosting an international sporting tournament uses huge amounts of energy – with all the associated financial and environmental costs. Many teams are starting to realise this, and are taking big steps to reduce their carbon footprints.

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The Energy Postcode Lottery – Winners and Losers

energy postcode lottery

The cost of your energy can vary wildly depending on which area of the country you live in, along with other factors such as local demand and your current energy supplier.

But no matter where you live, there are opportunities to save money – the rise of price comparison sites along with many smaller independent suppliers have given consumers more choice than ever, helping them save money on their energy bills.

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Buy a Customized Tax Disc Reminder

There has been an awful lot of talk regarding the changes in Vehicle Tax Law since the Government changed it back in October 2014. The new law states that vehicle owners no longer need to display their tax disc reminders on their windscreen. They also changed the way vehicle tax is transferred once a vehicle has been bought from a new buyer. This meant that the vehicle tax didn’t transfer with the vehicle when it was sold and the new buyer was required to pay to tax it from the date of purchase. The requirement for an up to date MOT remained the same.

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