Corporate Social Responsibility

At Go Greena we believe that setting ourselves high professional and ethical standards, and acting responsibly in our dealings with our customers, suppliers and the wider community makes us a better company, a better employer and a better corporate citizen.

Our corporate social responsibility program, which covers a community involvement, charitable diversity, place to work and environmental initiatives, helps us to turn these beliefs into action and aims to integrate our social and environmental concerns with our day to day operations, our dealings with our clients and the wider community.

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives fall within one of these four categories:

  1. Client-Led: Support (eg participation, donation or sponsorship) for CSR activities initiated by or involving our suppliers and customers)
  2. Business-Led: CSR activities that help us meet our firm wide ethical standards (eg in terms of diversity or the environment) or otherwise benefit the business including recruitment and supporting the construction sector.  Wherever possible, we do these in concert with our customers and clients.
  3. Local Community: Volunteering initiatives, charitable donations, sponsorships and in-house fundraising activities for the benefit of the communities in which we are based.
  4. Place to work: Initiatives that support Go Greena staff including networking groups, fundraising initiatives, environmental projects and sponsorships.

All of our CSR initiatives are presided over by the CSR Committee, chaired by the Managing Director.  The Committee meet regularly to discuss progress and to take decisions on CSR initiatives.  Go Greena also has a separately constituted community involvement committee which leads on work in the community and helps to coordinate the firm wide involvement in CSR.

Staff awareness of CSR is maintained through internal publications which detail how to get involved with initiatives.  We also publish a quarterly CSR newsletter “CSR Action” which is circulated to the firm and to selected customers and suppliers.

We will:

  1. Encourage company wide involvement in CSR initiatives
  2. Work with our customers and clients to assist them in meeting their CSR goals and objectives and to enable interaction with our clients in different enviroments.
  3. Continue our work in the community where our operations are based.
  4. Support our staff in their charitable initiatives wherever possible

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