CIGA Approved Installers In Manchester

Go Greena are now CIGA registered installers

It’s official! Go Greena Ltd are now approved, accredited and registered with CIGA — the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency.

When you get your cavity walls insulated by a registered installer like Go Greena, CIGA provide an independent 25 year guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship. Installing cavity wall insulation is usually quite a straightforward process, and it’s very rare that anything goes wrong. But if it does, CIGA will make sure that the problem is quickly dealt with and rectified.

According to the CIGA website, “The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency was established in consultation with the Government’s Energy, Environment and Waste Directorate (a division of DETR) to provide householders with an independent, uniform and dependable guarantee covering defects in materials and workmanship.”

CIGA was created to encourage more people to have their homes insulated, which in turn would help the government to meet their carbon emission targets. As a homeowner or tenant, cavity wall insulation helps you to reduce your energy usage and save money.

Why should I use a CIGA registered installer?

If you cavity walls are insulated by an inexperienced, non-registered fitter, several problems can arise. For example, when the insulation is blown into your walls it is crucial that every last inch is insulated. If even a small patch is left uninsulated, it can create a ‘cold spot’ which in turn can cause damp and mould inside the house. A properly trained installer has the technical knowledge and the right equipment to make sure this doesn’t happen. An un-registered fitter could also attempt to insulate a house that simply isn’t suitable for cavity wall insulation.

Even though your insulation is free, you still need to make sure it is being fitted by well-trained, qualified installers. The CIGA guarantee gives you this peace of mind.

If you live in the Greater Manchester or Birmingham area and you would like to have your house insulated for free, please fill in this quick enquiry form and we’ll arrange for an energy surveyor to assess your home for suitability.

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