Funding for your energy saving projects

Are you planning a carbon saving renovation project?

Would you like help accessing government grants and funding?

The free and discounted energy saving products we offer are funded by two schemes — the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) and the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP). From October 2012, we will start using Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding, which will eventually replace CERT.

The level of funding available for any project depends on a number of factors, such as the personal circumstances of the homeowner/tenant, the amount of carbon the project will save, or the level funding that has been allocated to that community.

If you are planning a carbon-saving project, we can help. Using our vast network of resources and contacts, we can help you access funding and introduce you to contractors, consultants and industry experts. We will make sure your plans are compliant and meet all the requirements needed to access the funding. Remember, we are industry experts and we access funding all the time.

Our job is to help you access the maximum amount of funding for your project

We are happy to answer your questions and offer advice. To find out more, please send a message to

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Ways we can help:

  • Access to CERT, ECO or CESP funding
  • Administration of funding
  • Integrated scheme management options
  • Access to our network of Approved Contractors
  • Access to engineering consultants
  • Design and specification of schemes to meet funding requirements
  • Funding to suit your programmed works
  • Detailed reports and submissions to Ofgem and energy suppliers on your behalf
  • Marketing and promotion of schemes
  • Impartial and professional assistance to access grant funding