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  • The Greta Thunberg effect: at last, MPs focus on climate change

    Michael Gove admits to feeling guilt as young activist says: your fossil fuels policy is beyond absurdGreta Thunberg took her climate message to the heart of power in Westminster on Tuesday, with a quiet but powerful message to MPs that prompted politicians to declare contrition for their failure […]

  • XR: Time for leadership soul searching

    As the Extinction Rebellion continues to cause havoc in London, is it time for utilities leaders to challenge themselves on whether they are doing enough to bring the full weight of their organisational potential behind tackling climate change? The post XR: Time for leadership soul searching […]

  • Letter from the Editor: Earth calling utilities

    From eco warriors Extinction Rebellion paralysing London transport to highlight climate change, to Sir David Attenborough's TV plea on behalf of the planet, saving the world has become a mainstream message - and utilities are centre stage. The post Letter from the Editor: Earth calling utilities […]

  • Future perfect? Energy’s vital role in decarbonisation

    Writing exclusively for Utility Week Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK, talks about the need for change following the publication of the trade body's Future of Energy report.  The post Future perfect? Energy’s vital role in decarbonisation appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Energy UK outlines map of future to ‘kick-start’ transformation

    Energy UK has outlined proposals it believe will jumpstart the transformation of the energy sector in its Future of Energy report published today (23 April). The post Energy UK outlines map of future to ‘kick-start’ transformation appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Britain notches up another coal-free record over Easter

    Great Britain’s power grid notched up another coal-free record over the Easter weekend, operating for nearly 92 consecutive hours without any domestic coal generation. The post Britain notches up another coal-free record over Easter appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Who opposes AGL's gas terminal more? Julia Banks and Greg Hunt fight in Flinders

    Candidates in the Victorian seat all say they are against the plan. Voters want to be sure they mean it In a few weeks, candidates in the seat of Flinders, on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, will be asked a single question at a community forum: what will you or your party do about […]

  • Dutch engineers build world's biggest sun-seeking solar farm

    The 15 floating solar islands will possess sunflower-like ability to turn to face the sunDutch engineers are building what will be the world’s largest archipelago of islands made up of sun-tracking solar panels.Growing resistance to the construction of wind turbines or fields of solar panels […]

  • Slow burn? The long road to a zero-emissions UK

    Extinction Rebellion protesters want a carbon-free UK by 2025. But can the financial and political hurdles be overcome?It is the near future. You wake in a house warmed by a heat pump that extracts energy from deep below the ground and delivers it to your home. (Your gas boiler was outlawed years […]

  • Drax shareholders revolt over executive pay increase

    Almost a fifth of shareholders at Drax rejected a motion to approve its remuneration report increasing executive pay during the company’s annual general meeting. The post Drax shareholders revolt over executive pay increase appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Limejump signs deal with National Trust Wales

    Smart energy firm Limejump has secured its first power purchase agreement (PPA) with the National Trust. This means that the 45kW Gelli Iago hydro scheme, located in Snowdonia, North Wales will become part of the company’s virtual power platform (VPP). The post Limejump signs deal with […]

  • We are not yet doomed: the carbon cutters determined to save the world

    An orchestra, a village, an entire country: the movement to rein in greenhouse gas emissions is growingWe are all doomed, it is said. Carbon dioxide is amassing in the atmosphere at levels not seen for millions of years when there were trees at the South Pole and Florida was under water. We have […]

  • The best of times, the worst of times

    The post The best of times, the worst of times appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Moixa unveils virtual power plant plans

    The post Moixa unveils virtual power plant plans appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Protesters gather outside Drax AGM

    A protest, led by Biofuelwatch, has been held today (17 April) outside Drax’s annual general meeting (AGM) in London. Campaigners gathered to protest the company, whose power station they claim is the UK’s single biggest emitter of C02, for the “disastrous impacts of its biomass, […]

  • Fukushima: removal of nuclear fuel rods from damaged reactor building begins

    Workers begin to empty storage pool – but more critical removal of melted fuel from reactors themselves will be more challengingWorkers at the wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have begun removing fuel rods from a storage pool near one of the three reactors that suffered meltdowns […]

  • The Guardian view on Extinction Rebellion: one small step | Editorial

    Disrupting traffic is not enough – we must disrupt our progress towards climate catastropheThe planned choking of traffic in central London on Monday by climate activists of Extinction Rebellion falls somewhere between street theatre and direct action. If it is successful it will be costly […]

  • Election 2019: regional Queensland torn over climate, coal and jobs

    Existential angst and confused politics on a 1,000km stretch from Bundaberg to TownsvilleA few hundred clicks down a dusty Queensland highway, on the plateau of the Great Dividing Range, is the country’s most remote commuter traffic jam.Moranbah is bustling, on the upswing of another […]

  • Australian election: never mind the pyjamas, one-on-one conversations can change minds

    Environmental and aid groups, business organisations and left and right-wing activists are campaigning for votes in the Australian electionAbout one out of every 20 householders opens their front door in their pyjamas, Australian Conservation Foundation campaigner Maggie McKeown has learned after […]

  • Analysis: Half of UK’s electricity to be renewable by 2025

    Close to half of the UK’s electricity will come from renewable sources by 2025, according... The post Analysis: Half of UK’s electricity to be renewable by 2025 appeared first on Carbon Brief. […]

  • iSelect ‘misled’ customers over cheapest energy plans, watchdog claims

    ACCC alleges price comparison website recommended retailers who paid it higher commissions, rather than the best valueThe consumer watchdog says price comparison website iSelect misled customers for two years by recommending energy retailers that paid it higher commissions.The Australian […]

  • How women can invest more ethically | Letters

    We need to think hard about the kind of future our money is going to support through our investments, writes Mary Stevens of Friends of the Earth. Plus a letter from Margaret SquiresYour article on why women need to start investing to exercise more control over their futures (Why finance is a […]

  • UK police repeatedly delayed review on anti-fracking protests

    Senior officer in charge of review said he did not realise ‘the scale of work required’Police chiefs have been criticised after they have repeatedly delayed completing an official review of the way they handle UK anti-fracking protests.Senior officers promised to launch the review into […]

  • Nuclear wasteland: inside Chernobyl's exclusion zone – in pictures

    The Chernobyl disaster in 1986 forced the evacuation of nearby Pripyat, home to 45,000 people. David McMillan has journeyed there 21 times since to record abandoned homes and buildings as they are reclaimed by nature Continue reading... […]