Go Greena Refer a Friend Scheme

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Earn £50 in M&S vouchers

If you have recently had your home insulated for free by Go Greena, you can earn a free £50 Marks & Spencer voucher by referring a friend to us.

£50 Marks and Spencer vouchers

Who qualifies for a voucher?

Anybody can qualify for a £50 M&S voucher simply by referring a friend to Go Greena. You will receive the voucher after your friend has been approved for CSCO funding and had either loft or cavity wall insulation installed in their home.

Who qualifies for free insulation?

At the time of writing most properties in the UK are eligible for free insulation (although government funding and rules do change from time to time). This includes both homeowners and people who rent their home. As a general rule, if you qualified for free insulation then it is likely that people who live near you will also qualify.

Where do I start?

Your friend will need to book a home energy survey with one of our energy assessors. This is completely free and no-obligation. Please contact us for more information.

What are the benefits of free insulation?

  • Save up to £310 a year in energy bills
  • Reduce carbon emissions by up to 1280kg
  • Easy to install & no maintenance
  • Completely free thanks to government-backed funding

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