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Earn up to £21 cashback and up to £117 off your energy bill when you switch over to E.ON

E.ON Cashback Offer

Our focus at Go Greena is to help our customers save money on their energy bills; whether that’s by making your home more efficient, or simply by choosing the right energy provider. We’re always looking out for deals and special offers that can help you save money.

Our friends over at E.ON are currently offering up to £21 in cashback* and up to a £117 discount on your energy bill as an incentive to switch over.

Pop over to their website, enter your postcode & estimated energy usage, and you’ll instantly get an estimate of how much you can save.

*Payable as either money off your bill or Tesco Clubcard Points.

How does the cashback deal work?

As a reward for applying on-line, E.ON will give you an “on-line reward” of £10.50 — payable as either money off your bill or in Tesco Clubcard Points. They will also give you another £10.50 reward if you opt for their Dual Fuel package (i.e. you switch both your gas and electricity supplier to E.ON). Again, this is paid to you as either money off your bill or Clubcard Points. Finally, as a thank you for switching they will give you a discount on your annual energy bill, which for a ‘heavy’ energy user can be as much as £117.

You could potentially save £138 in rewards and discounts.

There is no up-front cost, and there may be additional savings if you are over 60 or you don’t have a gas supply (which is often the case if you live in a high-rise flat). E.ON also offer their customers rewards for things like staying with them for a year and managing your account on-line.

How do I apply?

Head over to the E.ON website and enter your address in the box on the right. Enter a few details and in less than a minute you will have an estimate of your rewards & savings.


Switch energy suppliers

What are the benefits?

  • Receive up to £138 in rewards
    and discounts
  • Only takes minutes to apply
  • No up-front costs
  • No disruption to your home — you just pay your bill to a different company
  • Receive additional loyalty rewards