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  • How IP Laws Can Help Promote Green Technologies

    Amidst the escalating climate crisis, intellectual property (IP) laws have emerged as an unexpected ally in the fight for sustainability. Contrary to popular perception, when strategically employed, IP rights can be a powerful catalyst for green technology innovation and adoption. IP laws can pave […]

  • Colombia joins international alliance calling for treaty to end use of fossil fuels

    Colombian president Gustavo Petro wants treaty to lay out plan to end era of coal, oil and gasCop28 live – latest updatesColombia has formally joined an alliance of nations calling for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty to prevent the “omnicide of planet Earth”, the […]

  • Oil and gas firms must convert to renewables or face decline, says IEA chief

    Fatih Birol says fossil fuel use will peak in 2030, and urges companies to lead switch to green energyCop28 live – latest updatesOil and gas producers must convert their operations to renewable energy or face steep economic decline, the world’s chief energy adviser has said amid the […]

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Making Sustainable Choices for a Greener Future

    Embracing eco-friendly packaging practices is crucial to minimizing environmental impact and fostering a sustainable future. This article delves into innovative packaging solutions that promote resource conservation, reduced waste, and a healthier planet. Read the full article: Eco-Friendly […]

  • What Sunak claims about the UK’s climate record – and the reality

    We put to the test the prime minister’s claims in defence of his net zero rollbackRishi Sunak has made a series of claims about the UK’s climate record in defence of his net zero rollback. Speaking at a press conference during a short visit to the Cop28 climate conference in Dubai, the […]

  • RWE partners with Masdar on Dogger Bank wind projects

    RWE has formed a joint venture with Masdar, the state-owned energy company in the United Arab Emirates, to develop its two Dogger Bank South offshore wind projects in the North Sea. The wind farms, located 100 kilometres off the east coast of England in the shallow waters of Dogger Bank, will each […]

  • Reduce Water Use at Home with These 3 Simple Devices

    To reduce water usage at home, consider installing low-flow toilets, water-saving shower heads, and aerators, which can significantly lower water consumption. These devices offer an easy and effective way to cut down on water bills and support environmental conservation without compromising daily […]

  • Ofgem extends blackout protection for critical sites

    Ofgem has approved a modification to the Grid Code that will further protect critical sites from being disconnected during emergency load shedding. The decision will allow distribution network operators to exclude protected sites such utilities, hospitals and railways from the second tranche of […]

  • Ministers extend fast track planning rules for rooftop solar

    The government has extended ‘fast track’ planning rules for installing rooftop solar panels. The changes to permitted development rights will enable more homeowners and businesses to install solar panels on their roofs without having to go through the planning system. The post Ministers […]

  • World’s biggest experimental nuclear fusion reactor launched in Japan

    Joint project with EU involves more than 500 scientists and engineers and more than 70 companiesThe world’s biggest operational experimental nuclear fusion reactor – a technology in its infancy but billed by some as the answer to humanity’s future energy needs – has been […]

  • Cop28 diary: expensive coffee, cheesy slogans and petrol fumes

    Climate summit’s opening days are a feast for the senses but air quality and smokestacks leave a bad tasteCop28 live – latest updatesIf climate summits march, like armies, on their stomachs, then Cop28 looks in good shape.Cop28: Can fossil fuel companies transition to clean energy?On […]

  • Make Way for Sustainable Construction Practices of the Future

    The construction industry is embracing sustainable practices to reduce its environmental impact. This article explores innovative techniques and materials that are paving the way for a greener future. Read the full article: Make Way for Sustainable Construction Practices of the Futur […]

  • ‘Revolt’ fears inform UK net zero policies

    Fears that the public would “revolt” against strict net zero policies is informing the government’s "pragmatic approach", energy secretary Claire Coutinho has revealed. Coutinho said that the government was keeping a close watch on backlashes against European governments’ […]

  • Heat pumps are handy – but only if homes are well built | Letters

    Readers respond to an article on Norway’s use of heat pumps, and point out the problems of adopting similar technology in the UKRe your article (‘You can walk around in a T-shirt’: how Norway brought heat pumps in from the cold, 23 November), Norwegian homes are built to […]

  • Embracing Bamboo Clothing for a Sustainable Future

    Bamboo clothing stands at the forefront of this sustainable fashion revolution. Made from the fibers of the bamboo plant, these clothes are gaining popularity for their minimal environmental impact and numerous benefits for the wearer. Read the full article: Embracing Bamboo Clothing for a […]

  • Another record high price expected in T-4 capacity auction

    The next four-year-ahead (T-4) Capacity Market auction is expected to clear at a record high price for the third year running after the margin between prequalifying capacity and the procurement target fell to its lowest level since the auctions began in 2014. Although the target has been raised […]

  • Slow transition to renewables puts Australia at risk of losing ‘attractive’ investment, super funds warn

    A new report argues that $12bn a year on average between now and 2050 will be required to transition to renewable energyFollow our Australia news live blog for latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails,free app or daily news podcastIndustry super funds have warned the Albanese […]

  • Fossil fuel projects awaiting approval could blow Australia’s ‘carbon budget’ tenfold, climate groups say

    Exclusive: More than 20bn tonnes of Co2 could be emitted if 30 developments were to go aheadFollow our Australia news live blog for latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastThe Australian government will face decisions on whether to greenlight 30 fossil […]

  • Virgin Atlantic and BA face formal complaints over sustainability claims

    Exclusive: Airlines accused of making misleading claims in same week as first transatlantic commercial biofuel flightVirgin Atlantic and British Airways are facing formal complaints over their sustainable flight claims after being accused of misleading potential customers about the environmental […]

  • Sustainable Business Practices Every Company Should Adopt

    Embracing sustainability is no longer a niche pursuit; it's a solid business strategy. In today's environmentally conscious world, companies that prioritize sustainability not only protect the planet but also enhance their brand reputation, attract Eco-conscious consumers, and boost their bottom […]

  • I advised David Cameron in the days of ‘cut the green crap’. Here’s what both Tories and Labour could learn | Tara Singh

    There are clear parallels between the climate crises facing Rishi Sunak and the former PM – and there’s one gamechanging solutionWith energy prices at record highs and the Conservatives trailing in the polls, a Tory prime minister pacifies restless backbenchers and the right-leaning […]

  • Leaders of world’s major cities call for phase-out of fossil fuels

    As Cop28 conference begins, letter to heads of state from the C40 group says fossil fuels era must endCop28 live – latest updatesGovernments must commit to bringing the fossil fuel era to a close, a group of mayors representing the world’s leading cities has demanded, amid growing […]

  • Good COP, Bad COP? – Politics Weekly UK

    Cop28 starts today in Dubai and its already shrouded in controversy. So what can leaders agree that will make a change to the planet? And in the UK how far away are we from a greener economy? The Guardian’s John Harris is joined by Green MP Caroline Lucas and former Conservative energy […]

  • Everything you need to know about Cop28 as the summit begins – podcast

    Every year the world’s leaders gather for the UN climate change conference, and after a year of record temperatures, this year’s summit has been called the most vital yet. As Cop28 begins in Dubai, Ian Sample hears from Guardian environment editor and resident Cop expert Fiona Harvey. […]