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  • From simple actions to self-reliance: Josh Byrne's sustainable home upgrades for every budget

    Retrofitting your house or apartment to use less energy doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise Improving the sustainability performance of your home can bring big benefits. Firstly, an energy-efficient home is more comfortable, requiring less heating and cooling. It is more cost-effective […]

  • What are the Benefits of Buying Used Furniture?

    From paying a lower price for higher quality furniture to reducing your ecological footprint, purchasing used furniture has some serious advantages. In this post, we highlight the main benefits of buying used furniture and offer tips and tricks for what to look for when you’re in the market […]

  • Greener BP must do more than talk tough on the climate crisis

    A company steeped in oil and gas production may not find it easy to convince investors of its environmental credentials‘This is serious stuff,” said BP’s Bernard Looney. The chief executive, speaking last week at the oil giant’s three-day investor event, was talking tough on […]

  • Using blockchain to accelerate decarbonisation

    Duncan Levie, managing director of renewable asset manager WPO, discusses how distributed ledger technology – more commonly known as blockchain – can streamline complex and cumbersome processes to accelerate the decarbonisation of the energy. The post Using blockchain to accelerate […]

  • How Farmers Can Reduce Their Environmental Impact

    Climate change is altering the agriculture industry in ways we are just beginning to understand. Here's how farmers can reduce their environmental impact. Read the full article: How Farmers Can Reduce Their Environmental Impact […]

  • Unique Eco-Friendly Building Materials for Green Home Construction

    Find out about some lesser-known eco-friendly building materials that can be used to construct an eco-conscious home. They're not only readily available, but also affordable. Read the full article: Unique Eco-Friendly Building Materials for Green Home Construction […]

  • 5 Ways to Guarantee Your Solar Panels Operate at Their Optimum

    Solar panels are an effective way to cut your carbon footprint as well as your expenses. To entirely exploit the available solar energy, the solar panels must operate at an optimum level. There are a few hacks to ensure the optimum output from the solar panels. This article highlights five various […]

  • Toyota reveals plan to turn trucks into emissions-free 'power plants'

    Carmaker is to begin testing proposal to fit its Dyna vehicles with hydrogen fuel cellsPortable emissions-free “power plants” could soon hit the road under plans by Toyota to fit some of the company’s light-duty trucks with hydrogen fuel cells that can generate electricity.The […]

  • Revealed: Saudi Arabia may have enough uranium ore to produce nuclear fuel

    Confidential Chinese report seen by the Guardian intensifies concerns about possible weapons programmeSaudi Arabia likely has enough mineable uranium ore reserves to pave the way for the domestic production of nuclear fuel, according to confidential documents seen by the Guardian.Details of the […]

  • Making flexible working the new normal

    With many job functions in the utilities sector impossible to carry out remotely, is there a danger of a divide between this group and those enjoying the flexibility of remote working? Employment law specialist Alison Weatherhead discuses. The post Making flexible working the new normal appeared […]

  • Whitehall grip on net zero is ‘irresponsible’

    Leaving delivery of net zero to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, will put meeting the 2050 target at risk, the director of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership has claimed. The post Whitehall grip on net zero is ‘irresponsible’ appeared first on Utility […]

  • Lithium find in Cornwall spurs hopes of regeneration

    Discovery of high-grade metal used for electric car batteries ‘could be enough to meet total future UK demand’The hills and woods around the town of Redruth are dotted with reminders of Cornwall’s proud mining history – lovely old engine houses, terraces of workers’ […]

  • Police expecting more lockdown protests on weekend – as it happened

    Queensland registers one new case of Covid as Scott Morrison announces new energy plan that diverts funding away from renewables. This blog is now closedFollow our global coronavirus live blogInternational students struggle to surviveCuts to jobkeeper will take $9.9bn out of economy by […]

  • Morrison trying to 'emasculate' Arena by shifting focus to carbon capture, Labor says

    Greens join Labor criticism of overhaul saying it is ‘like taking money from the health budget and giving it to a tobacco company’The Labor leader Anthony Albanese has declared the Morrison government is trying to “emasculate” the Australian Renewable Energy Agency by […]

  • The Morrison government is sabotaging its renewable energy agency | Christine Milne

    This will undermine competitiveness, destroy innovation and prop up a failed polluting fossil fuel industryIf you fail to remember the past you are condemned to repeat it. In the UK in the 1860s the horse carriage industry and new railways were threatened by the self-propelled motor vehicle. So the […]

  • Angus Taylor's gas plan is an astoundingly bad idea, on so many levels | Simon Holmes à Court

    The federal government’s increasingly desperate and ideological energy market interventions are costing us allOn Tuesday evening as I was streaming BP’s annual energy outlook statement – wherein the oil “supermajor” explained that fossil fuels have likely peaked and […]

  • Energy losses ‘costing consumers £3.3bn a year’

    Losses in the energy system last year had a “societal cost” of £1.5 billion, with the amount of billable energy failing to reach its intended destination calculated at more than double that. The post Energy losses ‘costing consumers £3.3bn a year’ appeared first […]

  • The megafires and pandemic expose the lies that frustrate action on climate change | Tim Flannery

    If there was a moment of true emergency in the fight to preserve our climate, it is nowThis is part of a series of essays by Australian writers responding to the challenges of 2020I was in Melbourne in late January, watching as more and more people donned face masks to protect themselves against […]

  • Coalition to divert renewable energy funding away from wind and solar

    Scott Morrison says solar and wind are commercially viable and do not need subsidies from the $1.43bn fundingThe Morrison government will continue to fund Australia’s renewable energy agency to the tune of $1.43bn over a decade but overhaul its mandate so there will be less investment in […]

  • Kwarteng says energy efficiency funding will go beyond GHG

    The energy minister has stressed that the government takes its pledge to spend £9.2 billion on energy efficiency “very seriously” and said he is lobbying the Treasury for funding to continue when the current Green Homes Grant programme ends. The post Kwarteng says energy […]

  • Energy UK flags concerns over network monopolies competing in flexibility markets

    Energy UK has flagged concerns over the participation of regulated network monopolies in markets for flexibility and ancillary services. The trade association warned that the involvement of network companies will deter competition and undermine confidence in their neutrality as market operators, […]

  • How digitalisation can extend the lives of windfarms and transform the industry

    Evgenia Golysheva, head of engineering at Onyx Insight, explains how digitalisation can extend the life of windfarms – increasing their value, attracting more investment to the industry and helping the UK to meet its climate change targets. The post How digitalisation can extend the lives of […]

  • Scottish Power teams up with electrolyser firm to roll out hydrogen refuelling network

    Scottish Power Renewables has formed a partnership with the electrolyser manufacturer ITM Power to roll out a network of green hydrogen refuelling stations across Scotland. The companies are initially proposing to build a 10MW hydrogen production facility on the outskirts of Glasgow that will be […]

  • Hitachi to pull plug on north Wales nuclear power station

    Scrapping of £16bn project on Anglesey down to lack of UK government investment in new nuclear, says unionThe Japanese conglomerate Hitachi has conformed it is abandoning plans to build a new nuclear power station on Anglesey, off the coast of north Wales, dashing hopes for thousands of jobs […]