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  • ACT plans far-reaching electrification of vehicles and homes in drive to reduce emissions

    Territory government says it will phase out natural gas and pursue electrification of buses and private carsThe Australian Capital Territory plans to phase out natural gas, electrify its bus fleets and public school buildings, and introduce incentives for drivers who buy electric cars.The ACT […]

  • To save the planet, fossil fuels need to stay underground | Letters

    Readers give their views on what needs to be done to combat climate disaster and save the planetFiona Harvey is surely right when she says “adaptation alone won’t save us from climate disaster” (Journal, 12 September). She gives an apt metaphor that adaptation “while […]

  • Coalition's 'big stick' energy laws a 'backdoor to privatisation', Labor says

    Mark Butler signals ALP will continue to oppose legislation to break up power companies and refuses to recommit to a 45% emissions reduction target The Coalition’s “big stick” energy legislation to break up power companies is a “backdoor to privatisation” of […]

  • Policy needs to steer the UK towards net zero

    Planning consents, decarbonised heat and subsidies for EVs and wind power all need to be rethought if the government is serious about achieving net zero emissions by 2050 The post Policy needs to steer the UK towards net zero appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • ESO should have been ready for embedded generation losses

    The executive chairman of renewable developer Anesco has criticised the electricity system operator (ESO) for failing to properly prepare for the foreseeable loss of hundreds of megawatts of embedded generation during last month’s blackout. Steve Shine was commenting on the ESO’s final […]

  • Investor concerns over lack of support for ‘nascent’ renewables

    The head of infrastructure at one of the UK’s largest investors has expressed concerns over the lack of government support for “nascent” renewable technologies such as tidal power. The post Investor concerns over lack of support for ‘nascent’ renewables appeared first […]

  • Summer woes highlight need for whole-system resilience

    The National Infrastructure Commission has called for a concerted effect from the government and industry to develop a whole-system approach to resilience to prevent a repeat of the problems seen over the summer. It says the recent blackout on the power grid and the partial collapse of the Whaley […]

  • Decisions delayed on new links to Western Isles and Shetland

    Ofgem has delayed its final decisions on whether to approve funding for two new transmission links to the Western Isles and Shetland whilst it awaits the results from the third Contracts for Difference auction, which was recently extended due to a legal challenge. The post Decisions delayed on new […]

  • Global renewable energy initiative aims to bring a billion people in from the dark

    Worldwide commission aims to end energy poverty in sub-Saharan Africa and south Asia by driving investment in new technology Electricity could be delivered to more than a billion people currently living without it within a decade by linking up small-scale projects into a giant, […]

  • Utility Week Awards – entries close this week

    Companies across the utilities sector have until Friday 20 September to submit their entries to the prestigious awards, which return to London’s Grosvenor House Hotel on 9 December. The post Utility Week Awards – entries close this week appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Is RIIO2 going according to plan?

    Fernando Dominguez says network companies should expect the unexpected when preparing their RIIO2 business plans with net zero in mind. The post Is RIIO2 going according to plan? appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Gas and power prices rise after EDF faults warning

    This week's announcement from EDF about problems within nuclear reactor components has spooked the market and caused a spike in prices. Utility Week looks at the reasons behind the price hike. The post Gas and power prices rise after EDF faults warning appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Keep calm and connect with customers

    Watching the ongoing political car crash that is Westminster, it’s hard to keep track of the constitutional permutations, let alone what all this might mean for utilities, says Suzanne Heneghan The post Keep calm and connect with customers appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Japan should scrap nuclear reactors after Fukushima, says new environment minister

    Shinjiro Koizumi says: ‘We will be doomed if we allow another accident to occur’Japan’s new environment minister has called for the country’s nuclear reactors to be scrapped to prevent a repeat of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.Shinjiro Koizumi’s comments, made hours […]

  • Agincourt ascribed to a mistaken scribe | Brief letters

    Azincourt | Geoffrey Boycott | Strawberries | Steam trains | Coffee ordersI think Prof Valentine Cunningham might be wrong about Agincourt being a medieval trooper’s mishearing of Azincourt (Letters, 7 September). I believe it was actually a spelling error; some medieval scribe mistook the […]

  • Renewable energy subsidies are ‘poll tax on the poor’

    Tim Roache, general secretary of the GMB union, has taken a pot shot at the government’s bill payer-funded subsidies for low carbon projects and also criticised the lack of domestic workers in the renewables industry. The post Renewable energy subsidies are ‘poll tax on the poor’ […]

  • Extinction Rebellion blocks UK fracking site in climate protest

    Environmental activists demonstrate outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road siteExtinction Rebellion has blocked the entrance to the UK’s only active fracking site in a demonstration against what it called the “burgeoning catastrophe” of global warming.Protesters from the […]

  • Fukushima: Japan will have to dump radioactive water into Pacific, minister says

    More than a million tonnes of contaminated water lies in storage but power company says it will run out of space by 2022The operator of the ruined Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant will have to dump huge quantities of contaminated water from the site directly into the Pacific Ocean, […]

  • Australians increasingly fear climate change related drought and extinctions

    Climate of the Nation survey shows growing support for net zero emissions by 2050 and rapid phase-out of coal powerAustralians are increasingly concerned about droughts and floods, extinctions and water shortages associated with climate change, and most people think all levels of government […]

  • Energy firms plan UK's first carbon-neutral 'industrial cluster'

    Humber drive aims to shrink carbon footprint of UK’s most polluting industrial zoneEnergy companies have ignited multibillion-pound plans for the UK’s first carbon-neutral “industrial cluster” in the Humber.An alliance of companies including National Grid, Drax and […]

  • Old technology can solve a modern crisis | Letters

    Dr Peter Hounsell writes that the electric bin lorries currently being trialled are nothing new, while Richard Ellam says that it used to be common for councils to burn rubbish to generate electricityYour report on electric bin lorries powered by energy from household waste (5 September) that are […]

  • BHP board plays down investor demands to leave groups including Minerals Council

    BHP says shareholder resolution to leave industry groups at odds with climate stance is unnecessary, as review is under wayBHP’s board has rejected as unnecessary a shareholder resolution requiring it to suspend its membership of organisations, including the Minerals Council of Australia, […]

  • Oil and gas companies undermining climate goals, says report

    Biggest fossil fuel extractors warned they risk wasting $2.2tn ‘in a low-carbon world’Major oil and gas companies have invested $50bn (£40.6bn) in fossil fuel projects that undermine global efforts to avert a runaway climate crisis, according to a report.Since the start of last […]

  • Trump turns lights off on Obama-era rules for energy efficient bulbs

    Billions of lightbulbs will remain far more inefficient than their main alternative, costing Americans more in energy billsThe Trump administration has come up with its latest bright idea – scrapping rules that require energy efficiency standards in lightbulbs.The Department of Energy is […]