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  • 6 Vegetable Planting Tips for Beginners

    Is it worth it? We think so. What could be better than the feeling of accomplishment in taming a patch of ground? Here are 6 vegetable planting tips for the beginners in veggie gardening. Read the full article: 6 Vegetable Planting Tips for Beginners […]

  • Gas consortium seeks approval to drill 7,700 wells in Queensland, including near national parks

    Australia Pacific LNG wants environmental approval to drill across nearly half a million hectares of central and south-west QueenslandAustralia’s largest east coast gas producer has sought federal environmental approval to drill up to 7,700 new gas wells in Queensland, prompting concern from […]

  • Net zero: Three stumbling blocks to delivery

    As part of Utility Week's Countdown to COP campaign, former Ofgem chief executive Dermot Nolan highlights three things the government should consider in balancing the need for a rapid transformation of the energy system alongside the responsibility to keep costs down for consumers. The post Net […]

  • Plaid Cymru amends net zero target to 2035

    Plaid Cymru has relaxed by five years its target for decarbonising Wales’ energy system. The post Plaid Cymru amends net zero target to 2035 appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Net zero ‘hard yards’ for the electricity grid must start now

    The Easter weekend was the greenest bank holiday on record as far as power generation is concerned, but there is still a lot of work to do before net zero can become a reality. Ed Reid, head of strategy at Centrica Business Solutions, writes as part of Utility Week's Countdown to COP campaign about […]

  • Turmeric Sweet Potato Quinoa Fritters Recipe

    I love this recipe because it’s quick, versatile, full of anti-inflamatory ingredients (like turmeric) and the Finnish berry buckthorn adds a Vitamin C kick (which is never a bad thing!) Read the full article: Turmeric Sweet Potato Quinoa Fritters Rec […]

  • Ovo targets 40% of supply from PPAs by year end

    Ovo Energy has entered into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Orsted in a bid to further strengthen its renewable energy credentials. Ovo, which already provided 100 per cent REGO-backed renewable electricity, said it expected the deal to mean 13 per cent of its electricity will be generated […]

  • Why Humans Are So Bad at Thinking About Climate Change

    “We need to change the way we talk about climate change” This statement by Dr. M. Sanjayan of UCLA opens up this new Vox video that argues that the biggest barrier to combatting climate change isn’t technology, but rather human psychology. More about the video series […]

  • SSE and Equinor announce ‘world first’ blue hydrogen power plant

    SSE and Equinor have announced plans to develop a “clean power hub” in the Humber region, utilising carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen. It would include the “world’s first” power station fuelled purely by blue hydrogen at Keadby, near Scunthorpe. The post […]

  • Taking the heat out of the debate

    Local elections have meant a further delay to the publication of the keenly anticipated Heat and Buildings Strategy. Energy UK’s Charles Wood discusses what could, and should, be included when the strategy is finally revealed. The post Taking the heat out of the debate appeared first on […]

  • Mayoral candidates set out rival decarbonisation visions

    With mayoral elections due next month, candidates have been vying to present the most ambitious net zero plans. David Blackman looks at what has been promised to votes in London and the West Midlands. The post Mayoral candidates set out rival decarbonisation visions appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • 25 Best Ways to Conserve Water [Infographic]

    This page by covers various water conservation topics and tips, including a breakdown of water usage across homes and offices, the financial and environmental benefits of saving water, the top ten most common household water wasters, and 25 easy ways for you can cut back on […]

  • Banks pledge to fight climate crisis – but their boards have deep links with fossil fuels

    Analysis finds 77% of directors on boards of seven US banks have ties to ‘climate-conflicted’ groups, as banks continue to finance projects like the Line 3 oil pipelineUS banks are pledging to help fight the climate crisis alongside the Biden administration, but their boards are […]

  • Great Britain’s electricity system has greenest day ever over Easter

    Sun and wind generated 60% of all electricity on Monday, data showsGreat Britain’s electricity system recorded its greenest ever day over the Easter bank holiday as sunshine and windy weather led to a surge in renewable energy.The power plants generating electricity in England, Scotland and […]

  • Power grid sees ‘greenest ever’ moment

    Great Britain’s power grid saw its “greenest ever” moment on Easter Monday as low demand over the holiday weekend, combined with sunny spells and strong winds, allowed renewables to dominate the energy mix. National Grid Electricity System Operator said the carbon intensity of the […]

  • UK coastal waters valued at £200bn by ONS

    Estimate of marine assets balloons as offshore wind soars alongside seaside’s importance for recreation, carbon capture and wildlifeThe economic value of the UK’s coastal waters has been put at more than £200bn amid growing recognition of the sea’s importance for renewable […]

  • How Going Green Can Improve Employee Engagement

    Kermit once said that it’s not easy being green. While it’s true that implementing a sustainability initiative in your company takes hard work and dedication, the significant impact it has on employee engagement — and the environment — makes it well worth the effort. Here's […]

  • CfDs ‘indispensable’ for net zero

    Energy UK has expressed concern about “negative rhetoric” towards the Contracts for Difference scheme in a recent government paper. The post CfDs ‘indispensable’ for net zero appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Weekend press round-up: How green are ‘green’ energy tariffs?

    In our latest review of sector coverage across the national newspapers, there is further debate about the concept of greenwashing. Meanwhile, the public has been warned that radiators will have to run 10 degrees cooler under changes to homes needed for Britain to hit net zero. The post Weekend […]

  • Community batteries: what are they, and how could they help Australian energy consumers?

    Labor proposes funding batteries to allow households with solar power to pool excess electricity. Here’s what you need to knowIn what might be the most attention the battery world has had since Elon Musk built South Australia’s giant battery, Labor has announced that if they win the […]

  • 'No one explained': fracking brings pollution, not wealth, to Navajo land

    Navajo Nation members received ‘a pittance’ for access to their land. Then came the spills and firesIt’s not clear why the water line broke on a Sunday in February 2019, but by the time someone noticed and stopped the leak, more than 1,400 barrels of fracking slurry mixed with […]

  • How to Deal With Non-Vegetarian Holiday Feasts

    Vegans are sometimes characterized as having a sense of superiority over non-vegans. This isn’t entirely true, but some of us vegans are just begging to be labeled. So, what do you do over holidays especially where meat is mostly the main dish? Here are some simple guidelines to follow […]

  • How green is your 'green' energy tariff?

    Suppliers accused of misleading consumers by offering renewable deals that are only green on paperIt’s time to switch to a renewable energy tariff. This is the well-meaning advice given to eco-conscious households across the country that are eager to play their part in reducing greenhouse gas […]

  • The Environmental Benefits of Driverless Cars

    Driverless cars offer many societal and environmental benefits that make a driverless future exciting for environmentalists. Read the full article: The Environmental Benefits of Driverless Cars […]