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  • Trump ditches sole climate rule that aimed to reduce coal plant pollution

    Administration to roll back Obama-era Clean Power PlanTrump’s EPA chief says he’s ‘leveling the playing field’ Donald Trump’s administration is finalizing plans to roll back the US government’s only direct efforts to curb coal-fired power plant pollution that is […]

  • Extinction Rebellion to continue climate protests this autumn

    Extinction Rebellion will be mounting a fresh wave of protests this autumn, the climate change campaign’s co-founder has revealed. The post Extinction Rebellion to continue climate protests this autumn appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Scottish government needs energy commission, says report

    A new independent commission of experts should be set up to advise the Scottish government on energy, a heavyweight report has recommended. The post Scottish government needs energy commission, says report appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Ofgem consults further on network charging reforms

    Ofgem has published a further consultation on its proposed reforms to balancing and residual network charges after stakeholders raised several concerns over its minded-to decision, which came out in November last year.  The post Ofgem consults further on network charging reforms appeared first […]

  • No hands up for net zero 2025 challenge in future PM debate

    The five remaining candidates vying to succeed Theresa May as Conservative leader ducked pledging for a more ambitious target to cut climate emissions by 2025 in yesterday’s (18 June) TV debate. The post No hands up for net zero 2025 challenge in future PM debate appeared first on Utility […]

  • Interview: Neil Pennington – Utilities and the fourth industrial revolution

    The post Interview: Neil Pennington – Utilities and the fourth industrial revolution appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Coal-loving colonials put Australia on the road to cooked. Now it's time to turn the heat down | Liz Conor

    Climate change is colonialism’s final frontier which is why land rights are the first order of climate justiceIn the Anthropocene we humans have become a geological force, a “force of nature” – and a self-defeating one. But this crisis in climate and extinction was first […]

  • UK firms will face 'deliberate disruption' to hit zero carbon goal

    State ready to disrupt or phase out the most polluting business activities to meet 2050 targetUK companies must brace for the government to deliberately disrupt or phase out business areas that are unfit for a net zero-carbon economy, according to a report.The UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) has […]

  • Greece and Cyprus call on EU to punish Turkey in drilling dispute

    War of words as Turkish vessel begins offshore operations in eastern MediterraneanGreece and Cyprus have urged the European Union to take punitive measures against Turkey amid escalating tensions in the eastern Mediterranean over offshore energy reserves.As Ankara upped the ante by announcing it […]

  • Simple solutions for energy efficiency

    Simple solutions to save energy and money at home Here are a few quick tips and tricks for you to reduce both your carbon footprint from using gas sources and your economic value within the home: Kitchen Only put in the kettle the amount of water you will be using to boil Use your boiler … […]

  • UK green energy market gets £90m investment

    Privilege Finance has announced £90 million of investments into 14MW of new green energy projects for 2019, enough to power roughly 28,000 homes. The post UK green energy market gets £90m investment appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • XR ‘does not understand’ scale of decarbonisation challenge

    Calls by the Extinction Rebellion (XR) for the UK to adopt 2025 as the date for decarbonising the UK shows that they do not “really understand the scale of the challenge” that the target entails, according to an official at the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). The post XR ‘does […]

  • Call to arms: how can Australia avoid a slow and painful decline?

    Australia has been warned it risks ‘drifting into the future’ if it fails to respond to challenges in a fast-changing worldAustralia is at a crossroads. Drift towards a future of slow decline economically and socially or, if action is taken now to address our most important challenges, […]

  • Australians' support for nuclear plants rising – but most don't want to live near one

    Essential poll finds 44% of Australians support nuclear power plants and 40% oppose themAustralians are slightly more inclined to support nuclear power plants than oppose them, but a clear majority of voters do not want to live near one, according to new polling.With nuclear power making a return […]

  • Renewables and networks safer bets than retailers

    Renewable generators and regulated networks are currently safer bets for investors than incumbents in the retail sector, according new analysis from Macquarie Research. The post Renewables and networks safer bets than retailers appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Iona partners with Wensleydale to produce energy from cheese

    Iona Capital, a low-carbon sustainable fund manager, has struck a deal with the Wensleydale Creamery in the Yorkshire Dales to produce over 10,000 MWh of energy per year from cheese-making leftovers The post Iona partners with Wensleydale to produce energy from cheese appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Scotland urged to invest in nuclear to hit climate goals

    Massive increase in low-carbon energy needed to hit goal of net zero by 2045, inquiry saysScotland should consider new nuclear power stations, investing in hydrogen and installing many more windfarms to meet its climate goals, an expert inquiry has concluded.The inquiry by the Royal Society of […]

  • Ireland to unveil bold plan to tackle climate emergency

    Varadkar reveals ideas to curb greenhouse gases and move towards net-zero carbon emissions by 2050Ireland has unveiled an ambitious plan to tackle the climate emergency by weaning the state, businesses, farms and households off fossil fuels.The government published a long-awaited report on Monday […]

  • Seeing double

    The post Seeing double appeared first on Utility Week. […]

  • Radical action needed to hit UK’s zero-carbon target | Letters

    Michael Stone on the reality of Britain’s consumption, Celia Forsyth on support for fossil fuel projects, Gemma Cantelo on making cities greener and Stephen Martin on the sustainable development goalsTheresa May is deceiving us, either deliberately or through ignorance, with regard to the […]

  • Hopes for climate progress falter with coal still king across Asia

    A depressing picture of global power generation has coal still firmly on top. And in a vicious cycle, the very heatwaves and winter freezes high carbon emissions cause seem to be increasing themThe world’s largest sovereign wealth fund is preparing to leave fossil fuels behind. Last week, […]

  • Climate crisis: aviation industry hears clamour for electric planes

    Shift from fossil fuels top of agenda for Paris air show, industry having lagged behind other sectorsFaced with growing calls for action on the climate crisis, aerospace companies gathering for the Paris air show next week are turning their thoughts to a future run on electricity rather than fossil […]

  • Nothing new in Coalition's nuclear awakening. No, wait, perhaps there is | Katharine Murphy

    Could this be the catalyst for the Coalition of 2019 to reconnect itself with the position it adopted in 2007 for sound reasons?Fair warning before we kick off this weekend. Increasingly, I’m reaching that stage of my professional life where I can be heard muttering, and sometimes shouting, […]

  • Battery benefits questioned | Letter

    Scottish Power claims it is making a ‘significant step’ forward with renewable energy, but David Miller has doubtsJillian Ambrose (Report, 11 June) claims that a 50MW battery system is a “significant step”. But how significant a step does not depend upon the instantaneous […]