Helping You Become a Betta You

Here at Go Greena we are not just about saving you energy and money. We are also about helping you be a better you!

We came across an amazing company recently who manufacturers products that do just that…they help you become a better you.


She Supps recently launched a Female Focused Supplements line which offers protein shakes, meal replacement shakes, energy booster powder and appetite suppressant capsules focused specifically at women.

Supplements have been around for years. They have assisted millions of people world wide in weight loss or muscle gain. Intrigued with what we say, we decided to put the taste of their shakes to the test. We can confirm that the strawberry flavour protein shake does not disappoint.

However, the most impressive part about their products isn’t the taste of their shakes. It is their beautiful Glass Jars. Unlike the standard supplement tubs, She Supps powder storage Jars are pretty and convenient to store as well as scoop powder from. On top of that they have come up with a brilliant refill system which means when the powder runs out it can be replaced with the refill bags.

protein jar product pic

We recommend visiting them and taking a look for yourself enjoy!

Buy a Customized Tax Disc Reminder

There has been an awful lot of talk regarding the changes in Vehicle Tax Law since the Government changed it back in October 2014. The new law states that vehicle owners no longer need to display their tax disc reminders on their windscreen. They also changed the way vehicle tax is transferred once a vehicle has been bought from a new buyer. This meant that the vehicle tax didn’t transfer with the vehicle when it was sold and the new buyer was required to pay to tax it from the date of purchase. The requirement for an up to date MOT remained the same.

Unfortunately as with all changes in legislation this brought with it all types of problems for vehicle owners. Individuals who were not aware of these changes have been buying vehicles assuming that the tax transferred with the vehicle and in some cases individuals were driving around in an un-taxed vehicle. Some of these vehicles has been clamped, towed and fined up to £1000.

We can see the pro’s & con’s to this change. The con’s can clearly be overcome by purchasing a customized tax disc reminder. Tax Disc Reminders are now being made available by numerous of organisations.

Searching the companies that are producing these customized tax disc reminders we can recommend one that we would definitely buy from.

Tax Disc Remind Me were set up early this year having spotted the growing need for tax disc reminders. Tax Disc Remind Me don’t just create a Tax Disc Reminder customized with your vehicles Tax and MOT expiry dates. They also create disc’s with lots of different designs for vehicle owners to choose from. And if your not sure which design you like they even have an option to upload the design or image of your choice. They also offer tax disc reminders for companies who can have their company logo put onto each tax disc for their companies fleet of vehicles.

new website final

We found their website altogether user friendly and loved the designs they had created. They explain the 3 step process to getting your very own customized tax disc reminder and we agree it couldn’t be easier:

Tax disc remind me 3 step

Visit Tax Disc Remind Me here and buy your customized Tax Disc Reminder today.