Solar Roadways (Video)

Solar Roadways

What if all of our roads were covered in solar panels? That was the question asked by Scott and Julie Brushaw, and electrical engineer and a counselor from the US state of Idaho. They decided to find out by making a prototype, and next thing they knew they were being given funding by the Federal Highway Administration and had people like Google and NASA paying attention to them. Watch the videos below to find out more.

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Can You Insulate Narrow Cavity Walls?

Question: Can You Insulate Narrow Cavity Walls?

For some years now, companies such as ours have been offering free retro-fitting of cavity wall insulation as part of a government effort to reduce the country’s carbon emissions. Normally this is done by drilling a few small holes into the walls of a house and blowing rockwool insulation into the cavity. This can be done if the cavity is wider than 50mm. But what if your walls have narrow cavities? Is there an alternative? What is the minimum depth that you can have cavity wall insulation?

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External Wall Insulation: Everything You Need To Know

External wall insulation: everything you need to know

If you live in an older house, you have probably noticed that you spend a lot of money keeping it warm in the winter. You may also notice that even when the house is warm inside, some of the walls feel cold to the touch or have condensation. That’s because most pre-1920’s homes (which includes most terraced houses) have solid brick walls which are poor at keeping in the heat. The good news is this – solid walls can be treated with External Wall Insulation.

How does external wall insulation work? How do you know if your house is suitable? How can you get a grant to help with the cost? Read on and find out.

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