Our Top 5 Energy Stories – 17th October 2012

Our weekly roundup of renewable energy related stories from around the world.

Shiny new toy saves the poor!

The Soccket energy gathering football

An interesting read from the Sunshine Is Free blog. Steve Andrews, CEO of SolarAid discusses the “Soccket”. Aimed at developing countries that don’t have a reliable power grid, it’s a football that doubles up as a generator, gathering energy as it gets booted about. Sounds incredible, but does the idea work in reality?

Read the complete article on the Sunshine Is Free blog

The new visual language of sustainability

Sustainability-themed adverts

Also this week we have a collection of clever sustainability-themed advertising over on the FastCo Exist blog.

Check out the image gallery over here

The cleanest pair of heels ever

Usain Bolt

Sportswear makers Puma plan on bringing out a range of biodegradable shoes and clothing. That’s right, Usain Bolt could be sporting a pair of shoes designed to rot in the not too distant future!

Read the full story on the Telegraph website

Renewable energy ratings mapped: an international breakdown

Renewable energy world map

For those of you who were just dying to know exactly how the UK’s CO2 per KWH compares to Mexico’s (I know I was!), check out this interactive map from the Guardian. See how the G20 countries are doing with regards to renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions.

View the interactive map here

The Biotecture Blog


And finally, fans of growing plants all over the sides of buildings will enjoy Biotecture’s blog. In their words, it’s “Urban Vertical Greening for a Sustainable Future”.

Visit the Biotecture Blog

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