Our Top 5 Energy Stories – 18th December 2013

In our final news round-up of the year, we have hi-tech bikes from Bangkok, Japan’s plans to put solar panels on the moon, renewable energy news from Chile & Italy, and eco-friendly Christmas trees!

The bike that purifies the air

Pedal bike that purifies the air

A group of designers and engineers from Bangkok have won an award for their air-purifying bicycle designed to scrub polluted air while moving through traffic.

Read more on Discovery News

Japanese firm wants to put solar panels on the moon!

Solar belt

A Japanese company has proposed building a 250 mile wide ‘belt’ of solar panels around the equator of the moon, beaming the energy back to earth.

More details and video on the Telegraph website

Man goes off-grid with a DIY hydro-power station

Micro hydro power plant

Generating power on a smaller scale, Manfred Mornhinweg has built his own micro hydro-electric power station to generate electricity from his local stream in a remote area of Chile.

See all the photos on TreeHugger

World’s First Vertical Forest to be built in Milan

Vertical forest

The picture above is a proposed vertical forest designed to reduce air pollution in Milan, one of Europes most polluted cities.

More info here

An eco-friendly wooden Christmas tree


Finishing on a festive theme, the TimbaTree is a reusable timber Christmas tree designed as an alternative to plastic artificial trees.

Visit the TimbaTree website

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