Our Top 5 Energy Stories – 19th December 2012

In our final roundup of the year, we have solar panel building robots, scary infograhics, Mexican solar ovens, Hobbits and gravity-powered lighting!

Rise of the machines

A German company are determined to reduce the cost of fitting a solar PV system with this giant assembly robot. We’ll be keeping a close eye on them and let you know if and when they ever arrive in the UK.

Green futures magazine have the full story

Gigatons of information

Following on from the recent climate change talks in Doha, Information Is Beautiful have put together a slightly scary infographic illustrating what could happen if we keep pumping out carbon at the current rate.

As featured on the Guardian website here

Solar powered tortillas anyone?

Sticking with the theme of solar power and Germans, a German entrepreneur has developed a system of collecting sunlight and using it to power ovens in the small Mexican town of El Sauz. Apparently, you can use one reflector to cook for a group of 60 people!

Full story and more photos on Inhabitat

An unexpected journey

You may have heard about a little film called The Hobbit which has been busy breaking box-office records this week. What you may not know is that the set of The Shire in New Zealand is also a year-round working vegetable garden.

Photos and more info over on Tree Hugger


We’ve reported about Solar Aid in the past, and their efforts to replace dangerous kerosine lamps with solar lamps in areas with no power. This gravity powered light has the same goal — to provide remote African communities with cheap, renewable lighting.

Full story on FastCo Exist

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