Our Top 5 Energy Stories – 21st November 2012

Here comes the top 5 again, with angry farmers, miracle plastic, Olympic news, genetically modified eucalyptus trees and a mobile solar power station.

Plans for the UK’s first 100% renewable city

Some Peterborough residents are against the proposed energy plans

Peterborough have declared their intentions to be the first city in the UK to use 100% renewable energy – that is if they can overcome objections from local farmers.

Read the full article on Peterborough Today

Turning pollution into plastic

A new technology could use greenhouse gasses to produce 'green' plastic

It sounds a little too good to be true, but a new technology claims that it convert air and greenhouse gasses into high performance plastics. Not only that, but the eco-friendly plastics can also out-perform traditional oil-based plastics in terms of cost.

Treehugger have the full story

The greenest Olympics ever?

London Olympic Stadium

Olympic fever may have died down by now, but a few news stories are still emerging — such as the government claiming that the games ended the recession — and this report claiming that it was the most energy efficient games ever.

Read more at businessgreen.com

GM trees as an alternative fuel

GM eucalyptus trees

An Israeli biotech company wants to alter the DNA of trees in order to create a new, sustainable type of biofuel.

Read the story and join the debate over on the Guardian website

The portable solar power station

The mobile solar power station helping superstorm Sandy victims

Residents of the US east coast were recently reminded how dependent on technology people can be thanks to a certain super-storm causing wide-spread power cuts. Fast Company report on the solar power truck offering relief to victims.

Story and photos over on FastCo.Exist

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