Our Top 5 Energy Stories – 30th October 2013

Our regular round-up of energy news from around the world.

Energy prices going up

Energy prices going up

British Gas, SSE and Npower have all recently announced that they will be putting their prices up this winter, with the other major companies expected to follow. (Note – if you haven’t already, take a look at our list of free energy saving products).

Read the full story on the Gladstone Brookes Money Club website.

Royally cold

Thermal image of Buckingham Palace

On the topic of household energy bills, these photos featured on the BBC website show how much heat is being lost from Buckingham Palace, along with a few other famous buildings.

See more on the BBC News website.

Giant mirrors harness sunlight in Norway

Solar powered mirrors in Rjukan, Norway

The town of Rjukan in Norway receives very little sunlight during the winter months. To get around this, the town have constructed 3 giant solar-powered mirrors up on a nearby mountainside that reflect sunlight into the otherwise gloomy town.

More info and images here.

BMW to release its first electric scooter

BMW electric scooter

Good news electric vehicle fans! BMW are preparing to launch the C Evolution next year — their first all-electric maxi scooter.

See more on Wired.com.

Transforming waste into energy

anaerobic digester

A farmer in the Brecon Beacons talks about the benefits of an anaerobic digester, which breaks down organic waste and produces clean energy.

Read the article on the Good Energy blog.

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