Our Top 5 Energy Stories – 7th November 2012

The top 5 is back, with home renovations, electric supercars, energy saving tyres, volcano power and pollution-destroying pants!

Pollution-eating pants!

Pollution absorbing jeans at the Manchester Science Festival

You did not mis-read that. In this BBC report from the Manchester Science Festival, a fashion designer has teamed up with some boffins who have created a special detergent that cleans the air as you walk down the street.

Watch the video on the BBC website

A 1950s home transformed

Energy saving house in Brighton

Sarah Lonsdale from The Telegraph meets a couple who have turned an out-dated 1950s home into an energy saving super house, complete with external wall insulation, PV solar panels, locally sourced wood panelling, LED lights, energy efficient appliances, recycled materials and more.

Read the full article on The Telegraph’s website

A concept supercar that is 100% electric

Renault Dezir concept car

We’ve noticed a few car manufacturers lately attempting to prove that electric cars aren’t boring, and that they can be down-right exciting. Renault recently revealed the Dezir, a concept supercar that can reach 0–62mph in a moderately impressive 5 seconds.

See more info and photos on Treehugger.com

Energy saving tyres

Sticking with the car theme, a new labeling system is being introduced to help consumers choose the right tyres. The new labels look a little bit like the energy performance certificates you see in houses and on appliances, with a rating from A–G for fuel-efficiency along with information on stopping distance and noise pollution.

Article and video over on the BBC website

Go-ahead for volcano power

The Newberry Volcano in Oregon, USA

In the ground below the Newberry volcano in the US state of Oregon, the rocks reach temperatures of around 315°C. Plans are under way to pump water two miles below the ground, where it can harness this heat and use it to produce green electricity.

More photos, diagrams and info over on gizmag.com

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