Our Top 5 Energy Stories – 3rd September 2014

This week’s roundup of renewable energy news features ink-wasting fonts, banned vacuum cleaners, electric cars, Pacific islanders and Chinese trains!

Can you save money by switching fonts?

Eco printing infographic

According to this infographic from Pixartprinting.co.uk, you can save maney, resources and the environment just by choosing to print your documents in a different font. The popular font Comic Sans is amongst the worst offenders for wasting ink.

View all the details and the full infographic here.


Ban on powerful vacuum cleaners

Ban on vacuum cleaners

New EU laws came into effect earlier this week, banning the sale of vacuum cleaners rated over 1,600 watts. Before the ban an average vacuum cleaner was about 1,800 watts. Other types of appliances may follow.

Full story on ITV news.


Solar powered car breaks world record

Record breaking electric car

A solar powered car built by a group of Australian students has destroyed the current world record for the fastest average speed of an electric vehicle over 500 km on a single charge.

Full story here.


Island town abandoned because of climate change

Pacific island

A small town in the Solomon Islands has had to completely relocate its entire population due to rising sea levels. This is the first time that a provincial capital in the Pacific Islands will have done so.

Full story on thinkprogress.org


Beijing commuters can pay with plastic bottles

plastic bottle

In an effort to encourage recycling, people in Beijing can trade in their old plastic bottles and use them as credit for train journeys and mobile top-ups.

More info here.

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