Our Top 5 Energy Stories – 3rd July 2014

Our weekly round-up of energy saving news is back, with satellites, sports cars, scientists, more scientists and Richard Branson!

Unlimited free energy for everyone?

Wardenclyffe Tower

Fascinating article from the excellent Energy Saving Trust blog. A group of scientists from Russia are trying to realise one of Nikola Tesla’s long-forgotten ideas, which would have given everyone free electricity.

Read the article here

Electric vehicles that aren’t rubbish

Electric car

This is the world’s very first all-electric supercar, the Mercedes Benz SLS. It’s featured in this article from Zeven Sports along with a list of other high-performance electric vehicles.

See more here

The US Navy wants to produce fuel from seawater

Seawater to fuel generator

The US military have been pouring a lot of resources into renewable energy lately, in an effort to become less dependent on foreign oil. These scientists have found a way to convert seawater into usable fuel.

See more at ecogeek.org

Nasa launches carbon dioxide observer

NASA OCO-2 satellite

NASA have launched a satellite known as the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2), designed to help scientists better understand the effects of increasing carbon emissions.

Full story on BBC News

Richard Bransons’s Kenyan eco-camp

Eco camp in Kenya

Billionaire and environmentalist Richard Branson has unveiled this spectacular eco-camp in Kenya. It’s designed to provide luxury accommodation to safari tourists with minimal impact on the environment.

More images and information on Inhabitat

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