The Coca-Cola Bio Cooler

Aipir, Columbia is a village with no electricity where temperatures can often exceed 40°C. So Coca-Cola went there to donate their new prototype fridge that works without any power.

The “Bio Cooler” was designed by Coco-Cola and advertising agency Leo Burnett Columbia.

According to their website “the Coca-Cola Bio Cooler is a completely revolutionary fridge that doesn’t need electricity to operate. Its design is based on ancient cultures, who cooled the air through water evaporation. It taps into sun heat in a very simple and innovative way. The warmer it gets, the better cooling effect it can achieve.”

Watch the video below to find out more:

This may just be a publicity stunt for a soft drinks brand, but the possibilities for the technology are exciting nonetheless. Many of the poorest places on earth also happen to be the hottest, and a product like this would provide people with relief from the heat and save them having to walk for miles to buy ice. It’s also a brilliant example of renewable technology in action.

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