E.ON Cashback Deal

Look at the happy young lady up there — she’s just made herself £138 by switching her energy supplier over to E.ON! You can do the same by taking advantage of their current cashback offer.

Our goal here at Go Greena is twofold — to help you reduce your carbon footprint, and to help you save money. That’s why we keep our eye out for any special deals or schemes being offered by the major energy suppliers, and right now E.ON are offering to give you up to £21 in rewards and a discount of up to £117, simply for switching over to them.

How do you claim the cashback?

Before we published this article we decided to have a quick play around on their site ourselves to see how it works. You start by entering your house number and postcode, choosing either gas, electricity or dual-fuel, and telling them how much energy you use. When we selected dual-fuel and told them we were ‘heavy’ energy users, we were offered £10.50 for choosing dual-fuel, another £10.50 because we applied on-line, and a whopping £117.88 knocked off our annual bill. That adds up to to a tasty £138.88 of rewards. The rewards can be paid to you as either money-off your bill or as Tesco Clubcard Points to spend on whatever you want.

It only took us about a minute to get an estimated quote and discount amount, without having to hand over an e-mail address or phone number. It’s also worth pointing out that they offer other additional rewards if you are over 60, don’t have a gas supply, or if you renew for another year.

Let’s face it, switching your energy provider is one of the easiest, laziest ways of saving money. You can do it all on-line from the comfort of your own home, nobody needs to come to your house and there’s no disruption to your home. In fact, all that you have to do is pay your bill to a different company.

Who knows how long E.ON’s generosity will last for, so our advice would be to act fast before they change their minds! Everything is explained on their website.

Click here to visit E.ON’s website and claim your cashback.

P.S. Make the most out of your clubcard points — sign up to nobraina.co.uk and get 3% cashback on your purchases!

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