Our Top 5 Energy Stories – 23rd January 2013

In this weeks global round-up of energy saving news we have wave power, wind power, solar powered bikes, non-slip bikes and food waste heroes. Enjoy!


Crown estate to splash out on tidal power

The Crown Estate owns the seabed around the UK, and last week they announced that are planning to invest in wave and tidal power projects around the country. Great news for renewable energy fans!

Read the announcement here


Become a food waste hero!

Shops and restaurants often have to throw away unwanted, yet still perfectly edible food. Plan Zheroes is a new charity who are taking taking this surplus food and delivering it to those who are in need. Businesses who want to donate and charities looking for donations can sign up on their website.

Visit the Plan Zheroes website


Japan to build world’s largest offshore wind farm

In 2011 Japan shut down all of its 54 nuclear reactors following the Fukushima disaster — since then only two have gone back on-line. Plans were announced this week that the world’s largest offshore wind farm will be built of the coast of Fukushima, providing 1 gigawatt of clean electricity.

As reported by New Scientist


Would you drive one of these?

It looks like a odd cross-breed between a Smart Car and a bike and it’s partially powered by the sun. Technically classed a bicycle, the ELF is powered by pedals and assisted by a 750 watt solar-powered motor. Follow the link below to watch a video of the test drive.

As reported by Smartplanet


Sticky tyres

A topical story to finish up with. If you cycle to work and the snow is bad where you are, then you may be interested in these: snow tyres for you bike, otherwise known as “Bike Spikes”.

Photos and more info on FastCo Exist

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