Our Top 5 Energy Stories – 15th May 2013

The top five is back. This week we have solar-powered planes, eco-friendly shopping centres, hybrid tanks, expensive petrol and a solar-powered tablet computer. Enjoy!

Solar-powered plane lands in Phoenix

Solar impulse lands in Phoenix

Solar Impulse is a fuel-free, solar-powered plane. It’s in the prototype phase right now, but engineers hope it could one day pave the way for commercial solar-powered planes.

Watch the video on the Guardian website

French shopping centre opens its green roof

Green roof on the Beaugrenelle shopping centre in Paris

The Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre in Paris has officially opened its 7,000 square metre green roof. The roof is designed to provide a habitat for plants and small animals, as well as limiting temperature fluctuations inside the centre.

Full story on the Guardian website

The hybrid military tank

US hybrid tank

We’ve heard a lot of news lately about the US military investing in green technology. This gas-electric hybrid tank has been designed to replace the existing Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and can go into silent all-electric stealth mode in order too surprise the enemy.

More photos and info on Co.Exist

Petrol prices may have been rigged for the last decade

Petrol prices may have been rigged

A report from the Telegraph yesterday revealed that over the last ten years motorists have been “taken for a very expensive ride”. The offices of two major petrol companies were searched by officials looking for evidence of price-rigging.

Full story on the Telegraph website

My name is Earl

Earl solar-pwered tablet

And finally, we have a solar-powered, water-proof, shock-proof, mud-proof tablet computer. “Earl” has been designed as an off-grid gadget to help would-be explorers find their way around the wilderness — or call for help if they get into trouble.

More details on Treehugger

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