Cavity & Loft Insulation — Still Free In 2013

Since the CERT funding scheme came to an end last year, we’ve had several people ask us if there will still be funding for free insulation in 2013.

The short answer is yes. As we reported back in October, CERT has been phased out and replaced with the ECO funding, which stands for “Energy Company Obligation”. ECO funding (more specifically ECO Affordable Warmth) is now what will pay to get your cavity walls and loft insulated for free. We can also now insulate “hard to treat” cavity walls, which you can read more about here.

Along with your standard cavity and loft insulation, ECO can also fund bigger energy saving measures such as boiler replacements and external wall insulation, which is free for qualifying households.

Is it still free for everyone?

The qualifying criteria is a little different to the way CERT funding worked. Your eligibility depends on a) where you live, and b) if you receive any benefits. One of our trained energy surveyors will be able to assess your property and let you know if you qualify for free insulation. We’re confident that the majority of you will still be able to get a grant — please see this page to find out how to book a free energy survey.


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