Infographic: Green Home Improvements

Our friends at sent us over this little beauty recently. It’s an infographic that explains in detail how much carbon and money a typical home can save by making a few home improvements.

Green home improvements infographic

Image source: MoneySupermarket Loans

As you might imagine, the blue ‘insulation’ section caught our eye. Fitting loft, cavity or external wall insulation is definitely an easy way to cut down your energy consumption — but before you go reaching for your wallet, check our free insulation page. Chances are that you qualify for funding to get your house insulated for absolutely no cost.

If you are prepared to invest a bit of money into making your home more energy efficient, read our guide to solar panels. If you give us your postcode, we can prepare an estimate of the cost, power generation, and return-on-investment you would get from a home solar PV system.

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