What’s The Big Deal?

Green Deal Infographic

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) released a new set of figures for the Green Deal earlier this week. We’ve scoured through them, picked out the important bits and put together this easy-to-follow infographic. Read on to see how many people have signed up, which area of the country has seen the most success, and crucially how many installations have actually gone ahead.

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Can You Insulate Narrow Cavity Walls?

Question: Can You Insulate Narrow Cavity Walls?

For some years now, companies such as ours have been offering free retro-fitting of cavity wall insulation as part of a government effort to reduce the country’s carbon emissions. Normally this is done by drilling a few small holes into the walls of a house and blowing rockwool insulation into the cavity. This can be done if the cavity is wider than 50mm. But what if your walls have narrow cavities? Is there an alternative? What is the minimum depth that you can have cavity wall insulation?

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