Time is running out to reduce your energy bills

If you’ve seen the news today, you may have heard that British Gas have just announced that their gas and electricity prices are rising by about 6%. The rise is due to come into effect on 16th November, and will bump up the average dual fuel bill by a rather painful £80. SEE have also announced that their prices will rise by an average of 9%. With this is mind, it’s more important than ever that you do what you can to reduce the cost of heating your home.

Last month we published an article about saving energy in the kitchen, along with a run-down of some excellent energy saving gadgets, and some energy saving advice for those of you who rent.

We also strongly recommend that you look into getting some free insulation for your loft and cavity walls. Households that are receiving benefits may also qualify for some lovely free External Wall Insulation through the GEARS scheme, which is designed to treat older houses that don’t have cavity walls.

According to the nice folks at the Energy Saving Trust, getting your loft insulated can save you £175 a year in heating bills, getting your cavity walls filled can save you £135 a year, and getting external wall insulation can knock a whopping £475 off your annual heating bill. These products are available for free thanks to a government scheme called CERT – which you can read all about over here.

But that’s not all…

The big news is this — if you are NOT receiving benefits, time may be running out to claim your free insulation.

After the 30th November 2012, the Summer Offer will come to an end, and only ‘priority customers’ (those on a lower income and in receipt of certain benefits) will be eligible for free insulation. So those of you not in the priority group need to act now — get your home looked at by an energy surveyor and claim your free loft insulation and/or free cavity wall insulation before it gets too late.

You can book your free energy survey here. And remember — like most things that contain the word “free”, the free insulation offer is in very high demand, so get a move on now to avoid disappointment.

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